I want to prune from my tree all the species that do no belong to the genus Mamila

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To prune taxa in the menu version go to Trees/tree buffer/Prune taxa. There you can manually choose each taxa you want to prune from the selected trees.

Alternatively you can use the command line that in this case allows the user to perform more complex operations. The command to prune taxa from trees is pruntax To prune all taxa from the genus Mamila from the tree 0(and supposing that the name in the matrix contains the complete name) the command line is as follow:

pruntax 0 /:Mamila ;

The command will search the string "Mamila" in each taxon name. Caution must be taken if some specific epithet contains the same string. For instance the species Papilo_mamila will be pruned as well. It is also possible to prune all the taxa except those that contains the string Mamila in the name. A point (the point means all) and a minus sign (that means except) must be added before :Mamila:

pruntax 0 /.-:Mamila ;
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