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Version: 1.1.
Menu path: File‚ÜíTree Save File.

           open tree files (with + at the end, append) 
   xxx     open in compact (default) mode 
   *xxx    open in parentethical notation, using taxon names 
           or numbers (see under "taxname") 
   /       close tree file 
   !t xxx  autosave results to file, every t seconds (t can be given 
           as hh:mm:ss).  For maximum safety, results alternatively saved 
           to files xxx-1 and xxx-2 (if power fails when saving, the 
           previous one remains).

Example: Open a new tree file called "arbol.tre" in compact notation.

tsave arbol.tre;

Example: Append to an existing tree file called "arbol.tre" in parentethical notation.

tsave* arbol.tre +;

See also

See the command "save" for further information.

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